Before starting this blog venture, I needed to know just what I was getting into and what was expected.  I learned that a blog is a web log of an individual’s thoughts, experiences, opinions and ideas etc. I am told it is a sort of journaling for some,  a great way  of gathering people together in front of a computer screen through which friends and would be friends can interact through cyberspace. Ideally the content is useful, thought-provoking and enjoyable reading. So my intent  is to make  it informative and worth your time to read.  Most of all its going to be about you, your life, what interests you most and what you need to know to  live and be well , to grow and be fulfilled.  I’ll draw from my  nearly 40 years of clinical experience and from teaching  people how to overcome problems, explore and actualize their potential.  I’ll include anecdotes and scientific perspectives  on  a vast variety of topics of importance and some  just for fun blogs too.  Some blogs will be  shorter, others full length articles, all relevant to your life.  I’ll share, with a certain amount of reservation my personal experiences when I feel they are relevant. I  look forward to hearing from you,  about your concerns and your comments, and any questions you wish to ask me. .After all, this blog is for you.

TTFN and all the best, always,  from  Elaine

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  1. Noreen Hall Says:

    Dear Dr. Kissel:
    I came to you years ago and you helped me to understand what I wasn’t doing for myself. Nothing. My life changed after that for the better. I reunited with you and the weight loss program, the death of my husband and new man in my life and dealing with my family regarding these issues. At this point in my life, I have not only lost more weight through your program and Weight Watchers, I am only 5 lbs. from goal. Whenever I can’t get to sleep and or need a little encouragement, I but in our last disc session. I love hearing your voice, I feel more confident in my eating choices, I think about my past eating history and what you have taught me in our sessions, and boy do I get a good nights sleep. Whenever I am stressed, I just sit back and do self-hypnosis. I awake with energy and am ready to continue with the day. Thank you for all that you have done for me and giving me the confidence I have today. Tell Don, I do miss his jokes.

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  3. Says:

    “Ask Dr. Kissel” was in fact honestly enjoyable and useful!
    Within modern universe that’s difficult to do. I am grateful, Delbert

  4. Charlotte Pierce Says:

    Dr. Kissel,
    As you will remember, after my husband passed away I was in deep grieving and I was also having economic problems that was causing me to have panic attacks. I may not have described them to you as panic attacks but I was definitely scared to death and in a state of panic.

    You encouraged me to do a lot of things I really did not want to do and you gave me support when I needed it. Not only have you given me the ability to deal with my husband’s passing, you have also given me the ability to deal with my emotions and to control them so that I am no longer running on a roller coaster.

    You have also given me the gift to be able to look at myself to see where a lot of my thinking was in error. You have opened my mind to new thoughts and ideas. I am continually growing and trying to change because of what you have set in motion from my sessions with you and your whole wonderful program.

    Dr. Kissel, you are an amazing woman and an outstanding professional. I am so glad I came to you. I shall be forever grateful to you.

    Thank you,

    Charlotte Pierce

  5. Marlen Doroff Says:

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  6. wardiargaic Says:

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  7. Mary Trider Says:

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  8. cheaphandbag癿g Says:

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  9. highheelblog Says:

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  10. Scott Maslowe Says:

    I didn’t read this entire thread. I don’t have time right now, kids gotta a poopoo diaper that needs a changin’ and the very pregnant wife needs her back rubbed. So what I’m saying may or may not be relevant, but it’s poignant either way, as I take any opportunity I can to comment on my experiences with Elaine.

    I went to Elaine to quit smoking. She’s spoken of very highly around my town, close to hers, and so I figured I’d give it a try. I tried pretty much everything else. I quit smoking. Pretty easily. As a fantastic ancillary benefit Elaine’s methods stopped 38 years of insomnia cold. My life has changed so dramatically that I don’t even know how to thank her enough.

    Finally, Elaine is a wonderful person. She’s caring, compassionate, and just good fun to talk to. I really enjoyed our sessions.

    Anyways, that’s it, good luck with all your therapies.

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      Always first things first Scott! Taking care of loved ones should always be a priority. I appreciate you sharing your success story with my readers. Let me know when you manage the tme to finish reading the blog. I will be so pleased to receive the announcement of the arrival of newcomer to your family.
      TTFN and all the best, always, from Elaine

  11. Carrie Gaye Says:

    Hello Elaine!
    Just a reminder of how much I admire and appreciate you, not only as a sister but as a fellow therapist. As the latter, you enriched my understanding of the subconscious – and the significance of its relationship to the conscious. Your teaching enables me to access and share with my clients greater insight during their therapeutic experience. It has helped me too, and I realise that it’s necessary to maintain communication with my subconscious, and not to ignore it just because I’m ‘too busy’.
    Speaking of ‘busy’, I do intend, despite numerous commitments right now, to take time to access your blog more often!
    Carrie X

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      Thank you so much Carrie for the compliments. The high regards are mutual, I trust you know that dear sister. It is good to know you are committed to attuning yourself to your subconscious. Listening is the key, of course. That I’ve been a help to you and indirectly to your clients is most gratifying. Whenever I enable communication between a person’s conscious and subconscious I know his or her life is enriched and improved in countless ways. So much progress can be made so much more quickly for clients when their conscious and subconscious are working as a team. And the harmony of mind that results is a wonderful outcome as well.

  12. Rita Molina Says:

    Dear Dr. Kissel,

    I am a New Yorker magazine reader and I saw your ad in there. Then I went to your site and read all about it. I immediately went looking for your book. Could not find it but only in the resale market. I paid $70.00 for it (some are up to $200.00). I started reading it the minute I got it and have to tell you it knocked the socks out of me! It was as if I had been blind and I saw the light for the fist time. I am 60 years old. Is it too late for me? I’ve been sick most of my adult life and the doctors keep telling me it is all in my head, and I agree with them to a certain extent since I am still alive? I am going to follow the book and see what happens. I am very intrigued about the AWE you talk about. I spent a small fortune with other stuff that did not work for me because I had never had a good relationship with myself let alone with my subconscious. I hope it is not too late for me and that at least I can find some peace in my last years of life. I have nothing to lose. I regret not knowing about you before. Thank you kindly

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      Dear Rita, NO, it’s never too late. Your mind and body are capable to working together to heal at any age.
      I’m sorry you paid so much for the book, although at any price it is worth it because when you use the lessons in it you will
      be greatly rewarded. Whoever sold it for $70 or is selling it for $200 obviously feel it is worth it.
      You may not have noticed that on my web site you can get the book for only $20 ( the cover price) plus shipping and handling.
      Now you have it, and are discovering your personal power, many positive changes will begin to happen for you.
      Please stay in touch with me and let me know how you are doing.
      I am there for you to help you get the most from Mind Mastery and to get well and do well.
      TTFN and all the best, always, from Elaine Kissel

  13. Nancy Sabados Says:

    Great idea, Elaine! Very interesting…..

  14. S. Curious Says:

    Elaine, Answering your question – do I really want to know that much about you..? Absolutely not. However, from my experience seeking help, I found incompetent therapists that did a lot of damage. So I do not look at it as ‘wanting to know about you’ as a person, but as a competent professional. Can you do the job? If so, I need proof. Much like a job interview. After all if I ‘hire’ you, you are going to do a ‘job’ for me – in this case hypnotherapy. I guess in your case (or any other therapist), the service you provide involves a lot of personal issues, and I need to know that what I put in your hand is handled gently as if it was your own (hence the need to know), and as if the whole world or universe depends on it and not become another statistic or testimonial…

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      Sclumos: I understand and agree with you that competency is a vital qualification for a therapist.
      Personally I would want more than just a competent therapist: I’d choose one who genuinely cares, who truly listens and attunes him or herself to me as an idividual, not a “case” to be worked on; and I wouldn’t want to be treated in a text book manner or labeled in any way. I woulld want someone who is totally committed to my well being. I think an excellent therapist has the kinds of traits that enable him or her to employ knowledge, skills, training and experience creatively and productively with great sensitivity, and profound respect. I’d choose one who is intuitive and whose gentle caring of me is evident from the moment we meet. I would not one who is just doing a job for me, but one who approaches the work we do together with a true sense of his or her responsibility to me; and one who does everything possible to empower ME in the therapeutic process. I agree that a prospective client is evaluating me as much as I am him or her during the first meeting. However, I never thought of what I do as mere a job I am doing for someone. It is so much more than that for me and for my clients. Indeed the first time we meet it is an opportunity to get to know each other and to have all questions answered about me, the process and everythng that pesron needs to know to feel safe and secure; not just in my ability to do the “job”, also to feel sure that it will be done with tender loving care, and heart-felt commitment.
      I have a credo for myself as a therapist, and one I will pass on to those people helpers I train to use hypnosis in their own therapy practices. There is already a great deal of information there about me, my education history and qualifications etc on my web site.

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    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      Thanks Brenda for the nice comment. It is good to know you found what you needed on my blog.
      Word will get around about the blog as people like yourself find what they need there to
      help them in many ways.
      My commitment to making my blog useful to my readers holds steady.
      As you know there is so much “fluff” out there. How did you hear about my blog?
      Was it through my web site
      I guess it’s up to people to share my blog address with those who they feel would
      be interested in its contents.
      Feel free to communicate your ideas for subjects. I look forward to hearing
      from you about how the ten plus tips have helped you keep your New year’s
      resolutions etc.
      Sincerely, TTFN from Elaine
      PS. Keep tuning in, please ask, please tell, and there will be more good stuff
      to spread the word.

  19. SkydayMek Says:

    Hello, it really interesting, thanks

  20. Donna Lopakta Says:

    Why is it you have not published your short stories?

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      Donna, thanks for your interest
      For one thing I haven’t had the time or even inclination to do any of the editing necessary to submit thefor publication. There are way too many of them now, and honestly, if I were inclined, I would not know where to start!!!
      While I was writing fiction I was also writing articles for newspapers and magazines,and had many deadlines to meet.There is never enough hours in the days or days in the week to do all things my subconscious prompted me to do.
      Even now. When I was writing fiction I also had four young children to care for. Ideas for stories still come to me often, however, they get stored in my subconscious as I have no room left in my days to write them or room in my file cabinet to store them. A novel I wrote a novel many years ago called Phantom Quietus, it almost got into print; it’s a very strange story in itself about how and why it didn’t come to pass.
      I think we all must accept that we can only do so much and we have to choose which of our gifts or talents are to be given expression. Not that we should hesitate to explore what they are and find ways to express them. We need to be realistic and use our time and energies wisely. We need to establish our priorities so that we can at least explore enough of them and accomplish enough satisfaction in their expression to have the sense that we are fulfilling some of our potentials.
      If we try to do too much, given the time and energies available to us, we can get scattered and lose?focus and become frustrated.
      My focus is helping people change, to heal, to be?the best that they can be; to live better, be healthier lives. I get joy in empowering people. What could be more fulfilling than that?
      However, I have two children’s stories I wrote years ago for own children for which I am now seeking an artist to illustrate for publication.
      I haven’t had any luck finding the right one yet. Perhaps you or one of my readers knows of someone who would like that opportunity.
      As for the adult fiction,well, perhaps in my next life, or in this one if life if my motivation for and satisfaction in what I am doing now changes; which I doubt because there is just too much satisfaction in helping people to change course now.
      Sincerely, TTFN Elaine

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