Are you ready to heal from embarrassment? There is now a way available to you.

July 8, 2016

So many  of my blog readers have asked for my help to overcome the painful impact of embarrassment.

It has happened over and over and probably will continue to happen; life seems to need to include those experiences as some form of…well, I’m not quite sure. Yes, we are to learn and grow from experience, even from pain and suffering: Of course it is truly up to us to choose that as a way of becoming our better and strongest selves. Perhaps it is simply life’s way of reminding us of our humanness and that perfection isn’t possible no matter how hard we try to achieve it. Yet what is it about embarrassment that seems to plague conscience, and cause people to feel it reveals a weakness and leaves them feeling vulnerable? Appearing foolish, inept or careless or silly all too often creates negative self consciousnesses, because we have drawn less than complimentary attention to ourselves. The fear of being judged or criticized is for many people is unnerving and self defacing.

Embarrassing Moments…being imperfect and Embarrassed Again are my blog posts about those happenings that ought to be relegated to irrelevant in the now; and those that have had serious negative psychological consequences for those who have experienced it in various forms. If you have not yet read those, do so, you will be glad you did.* They are two of the most read and most popular of all of my posts to date. What’s the reason? Embarrassment is all too difficult for all too many people to get over. If you are haunted by those experiences; so how do you get over it?

I have some good news.

I have created a therapeutic and profoundly relaxing recording to help you heal from embarrassment, and be better able to deal more appropriately and less stress-fully with those inevitable human experiences that come under the heading of embarrassment. I just released it and it is available from my on line store. Some people have already taken advantage of it. Below are just a few of the comments from those who have listened to the recording.

“WOW! Ah…mmmm…so relaxing and so helpful. I can truly laugh now when I look back at those times. Thank you Elaine.” Janis D. Redford, Mi.

“This has made so much difference for me. I am, as you promised, healed from the pain of embarrassment. I don’t get uptight now when I remember those times. I appreciate how you enabled that too. Right on! Such a relaxing experience too. Thanks.” Don P. Nyse, NY.

“Dr. Kissel, this is another one of your brilliant creations, so effective I’m recommending it to everyone I know. Because you are right, we all have had embarrassing moments and need to get over them. Now I have. Keep up the good work.” Mike L. Dearborn, Mi.

You can order it from my web site

The introductory price only $19.95

ending July 30th /2016. Reg. Price 24.95.

And while you are visiting the store, check out the other exciting products I’ve created that enlighten and empower you, and can make such a wonderful difference in your life. While you are there, explore deeper into my site and discover how I can help you make permanent positive changes and help you heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Be sure to click on FAQs so you can learn what hypnosis is and what it isn’t; get the facts versus the fictions, and more. There’s my audio lecture there too that will inform you about hypnosis in an interesting and entertaining way.

All the best, always, from

Elaine Kissel …..248-865-9598




Your Mind Is Willing. Your spirits are too.

October 12, 2015


The old saying that the mind is willing but the flesh is weak is one I’ve heard said many times, haven’t you? We have also heard it said that the spirit is willing but the mind is weak. These phrases speak to the general lack of understanding of the mind body relationship and how our spirits tend to coach us towards our wellness and well being while our minds often have not been guided in the right ways to achieve that.

When I titled my book, The Mind Is Willing I was obviously addressing the fact that the human mind, your mind, is always willing and able to make changes, to help you heal physically mentally and emotionally, to adjust and adapt, providing of course it is approached with the right methods and help to do so. The book teaches you just how to achieve positive conscious control for your own willing mind.

What I said 55 years ago was thought to be ridiculous. Now with more and more scientific proof that our minds can not only change our brains, even our DNA, its a shame that more people do not know just how to employ them to achieve complete wellness physically mentally and emotionally. All too many rely solely on sources outside of themselves for achieving health. For no matter how brilliant medical science is, no matter how many advances we make in our understanding of nutrition and medicine, even neuro-science and psychology, none of it  alone is going to free us from what ails us physically mentally and emotionally unless, to use the modern vernacular, we are all in with our responsibility to effectively employ the natural resources of our minds. And even more importantly, to understand the relationship between the conscious and subconscious; for therein lies our true powers to achieve holistic wellness and actualize our potential.

I do not forget, nor should any of us, that it is the spirit in human inspiration and the power of the mind that has directed and enabled the  great and wonderful discoveries of science and medicine. Many  inventions and innovations that have moved us forward in all aspects of our lives have come through subconscious to consciousness in dreams and other ways to reveal natures methodologies, and solve its mysteries, therefore incite positive changes and improvements in standards of living and our understanding of ourselves and our bodies.

In my nearly 40 years of clinical practice and fifty plus years of teaching Mind Mastery, I have learned that without employing the conscious and subconscious working as a team and in harmony with whatever medical and psychological maneuvers are employed, they seldom if ever fully heal people. The proof is that is that so many who have come to me for help have been in psychotherapy, psychiatry, AA, had surgeries and treatments for just about every human ailment, have done all the things they were told would make them whole, and were still struggling with addictions, pain, PSTD, phobias, etc. negative behaviors and poor coping mechanisms and health issues, taking drugs and experiencing the side effects, and were emotionally unwell and often very miserable.

Once they learned of the power of the mind, their own minds, and began to employ them to be in control for themselves in positive ways, there was and is always a wonderful sense of just having awakened from a bad dream to a new and better life. They experience revival of natural motivation, their spirits soar, they are enlightened and encouraged by their own subconscious’s willingness to work with them to achieve any goal they commit to. Yes, its a process of unlearning, and relearning at the same time, which requires patience while practicing using the skills  I teach until they become part if your nature. Its is an exciting journey that is full of self awareness and gives a true  a sense of your personal power. 

My students  say its amazing!

As for myself, I am never amazed at what people can achieve, I am always in awe, though. How  can anyone who witnesses what some refer to as miracles not be awestruck? How can we not wonder about what seems to be incredible? To the naive or ignorant observer these outcomes appear to have some mystical explanation. Explanations often include God’s intervention and/or answers to prayers. One cannot exclude that possibility.  Indeed it often defies  full and satisfying explanations to those who have attempted to employ science to understand the phenomenon of self healing. The fact that it is not only possible but predictable  cannot be argued.

Always remember, your mind is willing, and employing it well will put a freshened spirit back into your consciousnesses. Enjoy!

I look forward to reading your comments.

TTFN from Elaine

PS. A signed copy The Mind Is Willing is available from my on line store Or via Amazon, with opts for Kindle and Nook. The book is based on and is a companion to my The Mind Mastery Course is also available  from my on line store. The course contains things the book does not and visa versa.

To open or not to open, that is the question.

September 3, 2015

Look before you leap, and/or delete

Are you inundated with emails? I get at least 100 emails a day, many from my clients, past and present; those are to be responded to ASAP of course. And I receive newsletters and updates from many organizations I subscribe to. Much reading results to keep up with the latest research in all fields of interest to me. Like you I also get loads of unwanted email messages from organizations, individuals and companies trying to sell me something; most I have never even heard of. There are also myriad scammers out there posing under a familiar name to get me to open their emails. Many try to tempt me with what they think are enticing subject lines All too many are constant repetition of ones already received.

I also need to check my often overloaded spam folder all the time because important and expected messages somehow find their way there.

So many people tell me they hardly ever read their emails; interesting. It causes me to question the purpose of having an email address. Too many others tell me they didn’t get the requested email I sent to them, and that’s frustrating too.

It can be annoying, and sometimes a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with it all, and it’s time consuming for sure. However, occasionally I get something that is really useful or interesting. When I get one of those messages I often forward it to people I know who are interested in educating themselves about mind/brain psychology, parapsychology, science based health issues nutrition, and supplements. If I come across something relevant to a client’s, family or friend’s needs, I send it to them. I also receive as I’m sure you do, emails forwarded to me by people who want to share something they believe to be interesting, important or useful to me. Thank you all.

Sometimes even personal emails sent by clients, friends and family end up in my spam folder. UHG!  So I’d advise you to check your junk mail every day. You never know what you could be missing out on.

It’s also quite frustrating when I’m attempting to reach people via my own contacts list who have requested receiving emails from me to discover they have not opened my message or its gone to their spam folder never to be seen. I do after all only send out useful and important information to them and all. Its not often that I do an e blast anyway. I don’t’ want to be  a pest. So when you see an email that comes from and my name on the subject line, just know I have something important to share with you.

I am a well known hypnotherapist with a busy practice, I have spent the last 50 years helping people; I love what I do, it’s fulfilling and rewarding to facilitate positive changes, help people heal, and succeed in achieving  their goals. There is of course a business element to what I do. I create self help products  that are sold from my on line store, and I write and send out newsletters providing information that people need to know about. So emails are promotional in many cases: It is just one way I can announce sales or special events like worships etc. I’ve had all too many people tell me that had they known about the content of the email they received from me they would opened it; for they would have liked to participate in a workshop or taken advantage of a discount on a product. They were too quick to delete the message. The old saying “look before you leap” is good advice.

Advertising it is,  very often. This is after all a society where commercial enterprise is built in to the culture, and keeps the economy running for all who benefit from it.

My contacts list is, by the way largely made up of people have asked to receive my announcements and newsletters. If you don’t want to read what I have sent to you, simply delete; no need to call or email to complain, I never want to intrude where not invited or welcomed. .

Occasionally I am moved to promote another person’s web site, products or newsletters when I feel they have meaningful content for my readers and my contacts. Although I have never before sent out an email like I did recently in which I made an urgent plea for help to save a loved ones life.* That was unusual, as traditionally I have always been giving something away, including the value of my knowledge and experience, I’m most often announcing opportunities for personal insights, self improvement and fulfillment. Promoting a new product,  my latest blog, or,  as in a recent email announcing among other newsworthy things, the installment of my new web site, or a workshop , how else could I reach and inform you?   Keep in mind that  I always like to include something people can use right away, and there are almost always freebies that come along with all my special offers. If its something about a time sensitive subject I make that clear too. E blasts at times are one of the few inexpensive ways to get the word out and so why not employ the option? Wouldn’t you?

So its not always wise to delete a message without taking at least a quick look at its content first, you never know what you can learn; it might be worthy of your closer attention.

I understand that you, like me are also inundated with requests for donations, and we  give as much as we can afford to favorite charities. I also factor in that with the recent publicity about all the charity scammers out there, there is bound to be some skepticism as to the legitimacy of any requests for donations, whether it be via an email solicitation or a beggar on a street corner. Believe me, I share that concern, we do need to be careful not to fall prey to those who would exploit our generous hearts and spirits. However my name and sterling reputation are well known and ought to have at least signaled the legitimate source of request. And keep in mind that your email address has either been given to me because you want to be on my mailing list, or because you have sent me an email and its automatically put on my contacts list or you have subscribed via my web site.

The e blast  in which i asked for donations arose from a feeling of desperation building within me and my family about my son in laws situation. My son in law is a wonderful human being, a loving husband and father whose life is in danger; his liver disease is not related to alcohol, as so many wrongly assume; he is a deeply spiritual man with a heart of gold, with a life long history of giving of himself in many ways freely to others in need. Now that he needs the same generosity that he has shown to others, it’s naturally painfully difficult for him to be in a position to ask for help, especially from strangers. So I asked for him, via email. It was a request for donations via the NFT*  The response was profoundly disappointing, I am surprised and sad to say. I cannot help but wonder, did it go to your spam folder? Or did you decide not to donate even a few dollars?  I’ll never know.

Can you imagine how it feels to have to ask for charity, even though it’s to save yours or loved ones life? Can you imagine how you’d feel knowing that the few dollars you contributed helped save his life;  or can you imagine how you’d feel if those few dollars could have and didn’t

A some generous hearted people have prayed for Mizan and his family  and a few  have donated, and we are profoundly grateful. They have all received personalized “thank you” messages from Mizan, via email of course, and we do hope they opened those messages. I’m also using this communication to thank them personally and more publicly.

 Obviously  the objective is to  reach as many people as possible, especially when the message is crucial to someone’s survival. When you have no other means of  communicating e mails  are one of the few means of doing so.  In spite of my reluctance to plead, I need to inform you that Mizan is so far from being able to afford a new liver.  And as much as I would never want to annoy you, I must let you know that time is of the essence. So if you have delayed making your tax free donation,  keep in mind time is not on his side.

I think many people delete message unthinkingly, and that could be a mistake. Recently a client didn’t open an email I forwarded to her that I’d received from my daughter who is a wellness coach, offering a some help for my client’s health concerns  that I had asked her about.    I often turn to Eman and ask her on behalf of my clients what she would recommend. Instead of opening that email, which by the way I told her I’d be sending her, my client bought a product that wasn’t the  best for her needs.  A waste of time and money for her.

As for helping you cope with with massive onslaught of emails and requests for your attention, please read my blog How to Find Balance in a Topsy Turvey World. You can get to it via my web site The important message in there is all about getting in touch with whose needs are greatest. You are important too, and a good read so many have told me.

When you read my blogs you will be getting for free the benefit of my nearly 40 years of clinical experience and more than fifty years of scientific research and investigation into the mind, the brain mind body relationship, among other things. As well as lots of insights about and for yourself, and ways to live better, cope better, do better and be well. Please feel free to ask me questions and comment. I always give all due attention to my readers.

Go ahead, share this message with those on your contacts list, because its not just another request for donations, its an invitation to check out my new on line store where you will find lots of very powerful self help products as well as vital information that can help you decide the best approach for making positive changes; there is the all important Q&A pages and how my While Mind Hypnotherapy differs from the common standardized hypnotherapy practices and gets results when everything else has failed. Yes, that’s advertising!

And a reminder, you can opt of off my contacts list to never to receive emails from me again. My web designer/manger uses a special service that handles that automatically when you hit the unsubscribe link. Though just be aware, you could be missing out on some really good free and useful information, and decide to do a good deed, too.

TTFN and all the best, from Elaine


A child’s plea for her father’s life

August 8, 2015

My name is Lulu Raheem,  Elaine Kissel’s grand daughter, I am 15 years old and I want to tell you about my father, Mizan. My father and I have always been very close. He is strong, kind, and constant, and can always make me smile, even now in our most difficult time. My father has liver disease and doctors say he is in mortal danger until he receives a transplant. The costs involved are astronomical, and we have no hope of being able to afford them without the generosity of others.

It’s sad to know that my father’s health may fail at any moment and he could die, but I know his unshakeable faith in God and human kindness never will. He carries his burden lightly, with humor and humility, always smiling, and always thankful.

My family and I ask for your prayers for our father and for all those out there being tested with sickness and infirmity. Thank you for your prayers and please contribute to help save my father at:

Every little bit helps, and remember that “Whatsoever you spend in good, it will repaid to you in full, and you shall not be wronged.” (Qu’ran 2:272)

Dr.Kissel says, “There are many verses in the bible that encourage charity, I personally believe this one is relevant to this bog. For example, Jesus said,  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Here are some pictures of Lulu as a child and at 15 with her father, Mizan.

Mizan and Lulu 3

Notice ….

August 1, 2015

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