Meaningful reminders; encounters with the subconscious: Chapter one

A little while ago I found myself responding without hesitation to the impulse to write about my mother. At first I simply wrote some of my recollections of her, attempting to find the words that would do justice to her wonderful attributes and characteristics. After all, her wit and wisdom have been a tremendous benefit to me and my siblings, and I often quote my mother as I am working with my hypnotherapy clients, even when teaching Mind Mastery and in my book The Mind Is Willing. So much so my clients would always ask , “How’s your Mum?” when she was alive, and when she died, they expressed the same kind of loss and sadness as one would for a close friend of relative.  So why not attempt to write in my journal about her?

In the process of writing about her I began wondering what sponsored this impulse. It seemed quite sudden; that is, I had not consciously been thinking of writing about her nor had I been conscious that it was the anniversary of her passing.

My subconscious knew what day it was and gave me the inspiration to memorialize my mother in that way. It was reminding me that the anniversary of her death, just like her birthday, was never to be forgotten , nor could it be quite like any other before or after she left us.

It was also helping me to recognize once again the significance of her life and death in the whole scheme of my life : Knowing how important it is for me, as it is for all of us, to consciously acknowledge and honor those who have helped us .

This occurrence also brought into focus once again how my mother still influences me and my choices, and my principles; that the foundation of my own character and values was built on her guidance her integrity; and her exemplary example; and that she is still there for me in so many ways; such as when I hear in my mind her words of wisdom, or think about what she would say about this or that. Then as I wrote,   more and more came to consciousness about her and it became the  story of her life, and a little book that I can give as a gift to her Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren  and  future generations. a truly meaningful reminder for them of the significance of her contribution to their heritage.

What is important here for all of us is to remember that we are subject to our subconscious references all the time, and as much as we give input, we also receive it, usually with great significance and meaningfulness for the moment. That is one of the many reasons I teach my clients and Mind Mastery students and those in my Weight Control Seminar to dialog with their subconscious for awareness insight and understanding, as well as guidance and support in their endeavors to improve themselves and their lives.

It has happened to you. Just think about it. Have you not heard a whisper from deep inside that has stirred you into a reflective state, or has caused you to connect what you are doing in the now with the past in a meaningful and useful way? I am sure your answer is “yes” because it’s not unusual for our subconscious to bring to consciousness relevant items for our attention. In fact it happens throughout our days; we may not always recognize that, but it’s true. It could be song, a picture, even passing a stranger on the street or something someone says that stimulates a mood, or causes you to reflect on a subject that at the time seems out of context, or out of the blue. You might think, “Why am I remembering this,” or, “Why am I feeling this way,” or, “Why am I thinking about that right now?

It is always for a reason.

Log on  for chapter two next week for chapter two, and learn  the reasons.

Please feel free to share your own  experiences  with associations.



4 Responses to “Meaningful reminders; encounters with the subconscious: Chapter one”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I understand what you are saying. Not too long ago my subconscious started bringing up advice that my husband who passed away used to give me. At first it hurt to be hearing his words and I would brush them away and then slowly I realized what good information I was getting. I think my subconscious had decided that I was now ready to hear those words and use them to do better.

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      I appreciate your comment Charlotte. It’s always good to hear when people learn to listen within. The familair voices of wisdom can and do come from the stores of advice and knowledge of what someone, when alive would say or do when with us.Keep listening.

  2. Jen Says:

    this is where I get confused. Aren’t we to edit what “bubbles” up from our subconscious by “cancelling” negative thoughts…so that they don’t go back down into the subconscious? How do we determine what “bubbled up” thoughts are relevant and those that need to be “cancelled”?

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      In answer to Jen… no need to be confused: Cancel all thoughts that do you no good! Those that stimumate undesireable negative feelings or actions. Thoughts that have been habitual with no positive elements in them. Sometimes, when in doubt as to whether its positive or not, just saying a thought outloud to yourself and listening within yourself tells you what it really means to you. Is it true, that thought? Is it useful? Is it relevant? Do you want to keep it in mind and let it conjure up all of its assocations to well up within you? Do you want your subconscious to act on it? Answering those questions will help you determine what to do with it. Sometimes it isn’t the thought itself that’s negative, it’s often about to something you need to address that you think of as negative or undesirable about yourself or your life, perhaps something troubling you or your subconscious. People often define a thought as negative because its about unhappy times and difficult times,about loss or pain. Thinking about those things can be thought of as negative; however its the context in which they arise that’s more inmportant. Using your thought control link is useful in that instance.
      So, the clue is in what the thought is about.
      Hope this helps you.
      TYTFN from Elaine

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