Warning Labels

Warning labels. Black boxes: Choose your poison? 

Look, before I get into my espousing on the subject of this blog , I want you to know that we should all be grateful for so many wonderful medications and drugs that have saved so many lives and made people more comfortable. The research goes on and promises   more and more phenomenal cures for all diseases and malfunctions. It’s wonderful to think of the world science promises in which we can all be cured, or be made whole and healthy, without much pain and suffering in the process.

However, I receive a schlew of health newsletters from so many sources that I subscribe to; sometimes it’s hard to recall where I read what. They come from alternative and integrative medical as well as allopathic research journals. I make a point of keeping or forwarding to family, friends and clients those that are relevant to their needs and will help them get reliable and well- rounded information about various ailments or health issues they have; and crucial information about the safety and efficacy of prescribed drugs, and alternative medicines. I make sure the studies and research are scientifically conducted.

 I know people are always looking for that magic bullet, a pill that will cure-all their ills.

Some people think hypnosis is a magic wand, that with one wave of it over their heads they will have made miraculous changes. Oh, don’t I wish! Don’t we all?  If that genuine quick fix were possible, there would be a waiting line outside of mine and the other hypnotherapist’s offices that goes around the world.

I believe in natural: It’s always my first and best choice. Because whatever I put in my mouth, or the mouths of loved ones, or recommend to anyone, I want to know if it is safe  and effective: Or if it’s the only or best choice available. I do my best to eat organic and use supplements to augment my diet: Because I can’t tell my subconscious to keep me healthy without providing it with the resources necessary for that task. That would be like putting my car in gear, step on the gas pedal and expect it to go without gas in the tank or not the right kind of gas.

 I avoid drugs, if possible, because the more I read about them and the way the FDA  is  evidently colluding  with big pharma, and the horrible things they approve for human consumption, I am honestly afraid of them. For example, I just read in a Health Sciences Institute newsletter that the FDA just approved  bird poison for people suffering with MS;  with the most diabolical side effects, including worsening of the MS.! Every day I get reports of that kind, so it isn’t unusual;  people are sick and dieing  from prescribed drugs every day.

So why wouldn’t I be scared to take anything that comes from a doctor’s prescription pad: Especially without carefully researching it. I ask a lot of questions of my doctor, and my pharmacist, don’t you?

 I have read the results of many surveys that conclude that the majority of doctors only know what the drug salespeople tell them about the drugs they are prescribing. They don’t research them, they expect that’s done for them. The Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) isn’t popular reading for most doctors either, I guess. I think it would be a great book (albeit very heavy and expensive) for everyone to own, or go to the PDF internet source when you get a prescription before taking it.

One doctor, when I asked about the dangers of a drug he was about to prescribe, gave me the short list of undesirable side effects.  So I asked if there were any other alternative medications; he said, “Choose your poison.”

 Of course we all know that drugs have the risks of nasty and sometimes lethal side effects. It comes with the territory. When I asked my pharmacist about some of the scary possibilities listed on the pamphlet that came with a medication prescribed for me awhile ago, I said, “No thanks!” to it. So he said, “If you read all the warnings on prescription info you wouldn’t take anything.”

Right!  I wouldn’t take anything that I could do without or do better with an alternative natural or safer approach. I know given its best chance, my body will heal itself, and I can help it by  promoting  healing from within, just as I teach my clients.

 Do I want to play Russian Roulette with a drug company?

 I’ve also learned that pharmacists don’t always know that many of the drugs they dispense are not approved by the FDA.

 But I know. Just ask her or him next time you want an Rx filled. Most people paying one way or another for their medications don’t know that either. Most people think  an FDA  approval  means a drug is safe. How  wrong can they  be?

Not that I’d feel any more confident with the FDA approval on that drug. The potential  and actual dangers of prescription drugs don’t inhibit their approval by the very organization that is commissioned  to protect us from those kinds of dangers! It amazes me that while knowing the dangers already well advertised on TV and in the information folders that come with prescription drugs that people will still take the pills.

They feel they have no choice. Or do they trust their physician so much they don’t look close enough? They are told that the benefits outweigh the risks.

The black box warnings on the packages don’t seem to inhibit doctors from writing prescriptions for them; and the off label uses being promoted to them by pharmaceutical companies to boost sales of their drugs are another scary fact everyone needs to be aware of.

And just for the record, I am hugely put off by the TV ads for drugs, as I’m sure most people are; I am also just as put off by the promotional materials that come to me from many vitamin  and supplement companies and alternative medicine practitioners, because while touting their miraculous health products they tease people with promises of life saving knowledge… if you hurry up and order; savings are big if you order more. At least, unlike the drug companies, they usually offer a money back guarantee, and there are no dangerous side effects from taking the stuff.  And, hey look, I know you can’t stay in business without making a profit.  And incentives are part of all promotions in business. We actually like them. Expect them. I often offer them to potential clients and they express appreciation.

 But why should we have to pay for life saving knowledge?

 Unfortunately the internet isn’t always a reliable source of information either; there are many conflicting bits of info out there. So you need to make sure you go to  trustworthy sources; and remember research for your health requires careful scrutiny of information, and  careful checking out where  the info comes from, as well as making careful comparisons between the allopathic and natural experts knowledge and advice; for they often are quite different. And  in the end it takes a great deal of discretion as well as your intuition ( your trust-worthy gut feelings)  to make the healthiest and safest choices.

Yes its a huge and  daunting task;more so if you are facing a serious illness or even if you want to prevent getting sick.

So what’s my point in this blog? It is to suggest that you get the facts, get informed, get the complete  story, and get the information that will enable you to make an informed decision that feels right to you before you out anything  in your mouth. That includes food, drugs, alternative medicines like herbs and supplements. The more you know the safer you will be.

And by the way, how about taking such good care of yourself that you won’t need drugs; do what it takes to get your mind and body in healthy harmony. Reduce stress in your life; exercise, eat wisely and well, and get plenty of rest and R& R. Get your conscious and subconscious working as a team. It won’t make you perfect; you might occasionally need some help from your physician, or your homeopath or naturopath, your hypnotherapist, nutritionist or herbalist, or your integrative medical specialist; but knowing what is good and not good for you will certainly enable you to do what is right and best for you!

And always remember, it is your body. Don’t hand it over in naiveté or ignorance to any practitioner in the art and science of medicine: You are responsible for your body, so I urge you  to live  responsibly inside of your body, and act with an affirmative sense of responsibility both inside and outside of the doctor’s office.

To your good health., TTFN from Elaine Kissel


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