Dr. Kissel on Healing

Q. I would like to hear more about your successes with sending healing.  I know your cats have long past lived their life expectancies. Is it more difficult to send healing to people you love, because you are too close to the situation?–Donna Lopatka

DR. KISSEL RESPONDS: You are referring to my orange tabby, Robert who is almost 24 years old and Rhonda, a healthy amazingly intelligent 17 year old black short hair, probably part Siamese, because she is so verbal. They are indeed unusually sprite and remarkably good looking for their ages. Don and I consider them husband and wife, for their relationship has all the characteristics of a couple married for 20 years!

Yes, I do healing on them whenever they need it. They drink purified water, and eat good quality cat and human food. They probably have good genes, and are of course loved with great devotion. They are strictly indoor cats, although they have escaped when the opportunity has occurred; although reluctant to give up this new found freedom to explore, they come back inside to the safety and familiarity of their home without too much persuasion.  I do at times, while stroking them, send them healing energy. It doesn’t take much to do that and they seem to purr even louder when I do.

Regarding healing loved ones, as long as your intent to heal is unfettered with anxiety, it can be so effective. All healing is20based on love, and the genuine desire and intent to help. The meditative healing I teach as well as the hands on healing works as well for those we are closely related to as much as those who are unknown to us and can have remarkable results if approached correctly. You need to remember that your focus on healing and not the problem is very important. Often people doing healing for people they have strong emotional connections with are hampered by working at it too hard, being too emotionally invested in the desired outcomes. Take the same attitude when healing loved ones as you do with strangers, and let go; always remember too, that when we heal others we heal ourselves.


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