Dr. Kissel on Dreams

Q. I attended your dream workshop.  I am very sure that people will want to hear just how very important your dreams really are.–Donna Lopatka

DR. KISSEL RESPONDS: It is hard for some people to accept that their dreams are more than nighttime ramblings of subconscious/brain processes. However, once people realize their dreams are full of important messages and meanings, they are not only delighted to have the aid and advice provided therein, they also have a wonderful new and better working relationship with their subconscious.

Dreams are a psychological treasure trove that once you start to decipher their meanings, you have insights and understanding about yourself and your life that would otherwise not be available to you. That is unless you learn to dialog with your subconscious the way I teach all my clients as well as in MIND MASTERY. The Ohs and Ahs and other thrilled exclamations about their discoveries as my students and clients recognize their dreams meaning speaks reams of the value of dream interpretation.

Dreams are the subconscious speaking to us in its own language: They are metaphorical, analogous, and symbolic and sometimes a play on words and puns. There is the manifest and latent content, and it is our responsibility to learn to translate the language of dreams, for they are not meaningless. In fact when my clients share their dreams with me, which I encourage them to do, they almost always offer ways for us to progress in the therapeutic process.

I have never known anyone who works with their dreams who has not been greatly entertained and helped in myriad ways. They have been warned, they have been given powerful insights, and they have had the kind of revelations that changed their relationships and their lives; they have been given advice and guidance in making wise decisions and when they pay attention, it pays off in more ways than you can imagine.

Pay attention to your dreams. Write them down the moment you awaken or you will either forget them or contaminate them with conscious mentation.  Develop a dream dictionary of recurring symbols  and  deciphering  their meanings.

There’s so much to learn about how to translate and interpret your dreams, the  dream workshops I conduct  lasts a whole afternoon, a nd we just begin the process of analysing your dreams. Just know that books that list meanings of are not to be relied on and actually can deflect your attention from the all important details and mislead you about the true message.

I wish you happy dreams.

TTFN from Elaine


5 Responses to “Dr. Kissel on Dreams”

  1. melvin spinoza Says:

    I find ALL dreams are puns on the reactive mind and TOTALLY useless in fact. And actually a complete bother to me every night from keys ins during the waking hours EVERY day.

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      Melvin, so sorry you feel dreams are useless; it’s probably because you have never actually “bothered” to pay attention to them in the right way.
      Here’s a few facts to ponder. One of the reasons you dream is so that your brain does not atrophy while you sleep. Another is so that your subconscious and your brain can organize your physical mental and emotional experiences of the day with those of the past; your psychological well being, actually, your sanity depends on your dreams. People deprived of the dream state (REM) become psychotic pretty quickly. That’s how important dreams are. So even if you never choose to develop and understanding of their meaning and glean all the insights and other useful information within them, at least have more respect for their purpose. When a client reveals his or her dreams to me, it speeds up the therapeutic process, for within them are not just clues as to the issues, often they are quite explicit in their messages to help us resolve them. As for my own dreams, they have literally saved my life a few times and given me advise that had I not followed would have been disastrous. If you dreams bother you during the day Melvin, therein is a clue as to their significance.

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    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      Thanks! Will do!
      Do I detect either and English or Australian accent?
      I am a “bloke” as most people know. Although my accent is rather mixed with the
      American now, even so most people seem to hear the remnents of my English when I speak, and some even when I wrtite.
      Let me know if theree is a subject you would like me to write about.
      Coming up is the Valentine’s day blog.
      TTFN from Elaine Kissel

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