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Dr. Elaine Kissel, founder of the Elaine Kissel Hypnosis Center, has worked with thousands of people seeking to make changes, gain control for themselves and overcome personal problems.

The Elaine Kissel Hypnosis Center, West Bloomfield, MI,  and Scottsdale AZ has been in existence since 1977, and since then has become recognized as one of the most successful hypnotherapy practices in the country. Not just for the numbers of clients Dr. Elaine Kissel serves, but also for the success rate she achieves for her clients.

Dr. Kissel’s mission has always been to help people in the most natural safe and cost-effective way. The success of her clients is her primary concern and she makes a serious genuine commitment to that goal.

Since the Elaine Kissel Hypnosis Center first opened, many innovative programs created by Dr. Kissel to help people achieve their goals have been added to the list of her services. With 35-plus years of progressive development, Dr. Kissel’s reputation for innovation and originality has reached far and wide.

When Dr. Kissel set out to help people with hypnosis, she had to overcome the misconceptions that had held it back for more than a century. The popular though erroneous notions about hypnosis gradually succumbed to her steadfast determination to educate people with the facts and provide the kind of hypnotherapy that was best suited to each individual client.

Dr. Kissel was the first in her field to be allowed to advertise in the popular press because she made it clear that she was not offering entertainment or instant miracles. She has worked tirelessly to eradicate the nonsensical ideas while establishing a new and better reputation for hypnosis with the nature of her practices. She has created a huge wave of credibility and acceptance for hypnosis through her commitment to excellence. And with her scientifically controlled study proving blood sugar can be controlled with hypnosis, Dr. Kissel won new positive recognition for her profession.

Dr. Kissel was awarded the Hypnologist of the Year in 1981 for her contributions to the art and science of hypnosis. Since then she has continued to make significant contributions to the field. For example,  Dr. Kissel’s WHOLE MIND THERAPY approach, which employs all levels of consciousness in the hypnotherapeutic process.

Dr. Kissel has been written about in newspapers and magazines, and interviewed on radio and television. She is a sought-after speaker who imparts a wide range of knowledge in an interesting and entertaining way. She is regularly called upon to speak to groups and continues to prove that hypnosis is a viable methodology when practiced with an understanding of its nature and potential, and with respect and integrity of purpose.


7 Responses to “About Elaine Kissel”

  1. Paula Patton Says:

    Elaine, I enjoy your blog. Can you put on your site your credentials, where is your Doctorate from? Thanks

  2. remedies for tinnitus Says:

    Hi there I couldnt agree more passionately, with your brilliant post, great to see some lateral thinking out there! it is a refreshing difference

  3. Catrice Basilio Says:

    The RSS feed on your site wouldn’t work in my browser (Google Chrome) would you know how I can get it to work?

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      I’m sorry that some people have difficulty in getting to my blog. I suggesrt you ask Google.
      I’ve heard that some people with Apple computers have some problems finding it too.
      Let me know what you learn, I’ll pass it on. Thanks for your interest.
      Frm Elaine Kissel

  4. Carol Says:

    I was wondering if you have any experience is helping people with tinnitus.

    • Dr. Elaine Kissel Says:

      I know how frustrating and stressful this problem is for you. How challenging to deal with, too.
      Tinnitus, for those who are not familiar with the problem is buzzing, ringing and other non externally produced sounds/noises in the ears; sometimes occasional, sometimes consistent, at times very loud and other times, though quieter, constantly in the background. It is an aggravating and frustrating problem that modern medicine has no cure for; and there are also many causes. Tinnitus can be so obtrusive that it is difficult to concentrate on anything, and results in depression and other stress related problems. For Tinnitus sufferers it is often difficult to cope with ordinary every day life, or even enjoy doing the things they like. It intrudes to the extent at times that it is difficult to fall asleep, and to feel rested when awakening. Some situations seem to worsen the symptoms, and stress exacerbates the problem. Unless you have had the problem it is difficult to imagine how it interrupts your sense of well-being and interferes with just about everything you do.
      I have worked with many Tinnitus sufferers: The very least I can do is help the person cope more effectively with the it ; while doing everything possible with “mind power” via hypnotherapy and Mind Mastery to eliminate it, or reduce it to a manageable level; or enable the client to tune it out: ignore it. In some cases I have been able to help the person reduce the frequency and volume of the noises and in some cases have been able to relieve them of the problem to the extent that he or she no longer considers it a problem. I make no promises, except that I will do all in my power, and using the power of the client’s mind to improve things.
      Tinnitus is a much more common problem than one might think. Many people with hearing problems suffer it. Those who have been and/or are exposed to a great deal of loud noise are diagnosed with it. Ear infections and other things can be the cause.
      A medical diagnosis is necessary to be sure there is no physical condition that can be treated / alleviated through medical procedures or medications.
      Please let me know how you are doing. I wish you well. And thank you for your enquiry.

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