Unbelievable !?!

Just yesterday a client greeted me excitedly as we connected on Skype, exclaiming, “Its unbelievable how much I’ve already improved using the links in the chain of command. My  SARI scores (self awareness and report indexes) have gone down to almost perfect and “I’ve only done three lessons so far. It’s amazing!” Since this was his first scheduled session for hypnotherapy I thought, but didn’t say “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

What I did say was,

 I’m never amazed, though always in awe.

After more than 45 years of teaching Mind Mastery my nearly 38 years as a clinical hypnotherapist,  and  witnessing the power of the mind at work, it would be hard to surprise me with what can be achieved when people know how to employ that power. It’s not just the ability to control in positive ways mind body emotions and behaviors that’s unremarkable to me, although it was when I first discovered the ways and means for myself so long ago.  For without any exaggeration it literally saved my life and led me to the development of the Mind Mastery course.

So I can relate to but not share my student’s amazement while experiencing the wonderful phenomenon of conscious and subconscious working as a team, rather than having the inner conflicts and frustrations that make life so difficult and healing impossible.

Every day I see the positive impact on the whole person and his or her lives when they have learned how to access and utilize their inner resources in positive ways: Self esteem, confidence the ability to control the negative effects of stress and gain a true sense of personal power that lifts the spirits, energizes and opens the doors to personal evolution are just some of the outcomes.

How could anyone not be in awe of the seemingly limitless powers of our minds to mold and reshape our sense of self and our lives and to heal us physically and emotionally? Especially since we live in an age of enlightenment about human potential and see it manifest in countless ways every day.

Yet there is a tendency to think that these powers are for a limited and gifted or lucky few.  So it’s hard to for some people, like my client not to be amazed, and find it so hard to believe when they achieve some thing wonderful for themselves with those inherent abilities. I have to remind my students and clients not to doubt their abilities, before, and when even more so when they have proof of them through real experience.

But why is it so unbelievable?

That’s not hard to answer when you consider how the majority of children are raised and how so many are discouraged from having a sense of their personal power. Oh yes, our talents, if we are lucky are recognized and ideally encouraged to be developed.  Although we are all too often taught that power belongs to others; growing up it’s our elders, and those in high positions in the world, and of course we are taught to believe that only some people have extraordinary powers.  Later it’s the routine of life as we have lived it that makes it seem that limitations are inbred and insurmountable. In our society we are taught to look up to others, those who have fame and fortune and to think of them as special. Yes some do have exceptionally wonderful, gifts and abilities and we enjoy their expression of them immensely.

But now its time to start to think of yourself in new and different and better ways: Ways that are more valid and accurate about yourself as a human being. Think of yourself as an individual who has been part of the evolutionally process, for we have indeed evolved to such a degree that whatever we aspire to we can achieve. Know that you were born with the potential to control your own physical mental and emotional experience; and to create your own destiny, and one who has a conscious and subconscious mind that when you understand how they work together can employ them to great advantage.

It may be that you would be amazed at what you can achieve, at first anyway, but never doubt it possible or believable. Doubt, as I teach in Mind Mastery will interfere. Be open to the possibilities. Learn all you can about your wonderful mind and brain and begin to explore your potential. There are so many ways to do that. Check out my book The Mind Is Willing for starters.

Soon you may also be saying, I am never amazed, but always in awe.

TTFN from Elaine Kissel


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